Dirty Rotten Scammers

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Thursday, August 11 03:05 ‧ 45m

Christine was alerted to unusual activity on her social media account by a friend, but by then three of her contacts had lost out to the tune of £300 each. Now Christine wants answers as to how her account was exposed. Michelle and Mavis are on the case alongside the team of ethical hackers. Kaz got in touch after a scammer targeted her bitcoin account and extracted the profits she had made on her investments, but what the hackers turn up reveals that Kaz needs a major overhaul of her passwords to make sure all her accounts are safe. Michelle meets linguist Dr Lis Carter to learn about the language tricks scammers used in Christine’s case to extract maximum cash, and Lynn tells us how she went on her own ethical hacking mission to make sure she wouldn’t be ripped off again.