Dirty Rotten Scammers

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Friday, August 12 03:55 ‧ 45m

When Phil responded to a scam text, he wasn’t expecting to become embroiled in an investigation with the National Crime Agency, but after manipulative scammers convinced him to move large amounts of money through his account, he was fleeced for a five-figure sum. Ruth also replied to a scam text about a parcel delivery fee, and after losing a small amount of money, she has been inundated with texts, calls and emails pestering her for more cash. Worried she’s been added to a ‘suckers list’, Ruth wants our ethical hackers to help find out what online information scammers are using to target her. Michelle and Mavis speak with the real National Crime Agency to find out more about Phil’s case, and tech expert and journalist Geoff White informs Michelle of some mistakes she might be making with her own passwords.