Dirty Rotten Scammers

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Saturday, August 13 01:35 ‧ 45m

Having previously gone through the experience of someone trying to clone her bank cards, Sharon was alarmed when she received a call from an online marketplace fraud department and quickly got them off the phone. But the next day when a call came from her bank reporting suspicious activity, she responded quickly and transferred money to a safe account, only to discover she’d lost £2,000 and the whole thing was a scam. Lynne was looking to put away her money in a reliable investment but found herself being pressured by fraudsters to add thousands of pounds she simply didn’t have. Criminals took over her laptop after she downloaded a piece of tech, so Lynne is now panic-stricken about just how much information they may have on her. Also in the episode, we follow Sussex Police as they install call-blocking technology in a vulnerable victim’s home, to keep scam calls at bay.