Dirty Rotten Scammers

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Tuesday, August 16 03:45 ‧ 45m

Opera singer Alexander had recently posted a package, so when he received a text about a parcel, he assumed all was exactly as he was expecting, and went ahead and paid the fees. But this decision led him to lose £8,000 to scammers, and he has been unable to recover his money via his bank. He knows he needs to boost his cybersecurity to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Rebecca, a lecturer at Cardiff University, says she felt ‘groomed’ and ‘abused’ by the scammers who took thousands from her. She feels that speaking to Michelle and Mavis is an attempt to move on and get closure. Also in the episode, a profile of the ethical hackers who have been working hard to stop scammers in their tracks and help people learn more about how to stay safe online.