Dirty Rotten Scammers

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Wednesday, August 17 03:35 ‧ 45m

Erin had saved up the deposit money to buy her first marital home with her partner. Then a call from what she was told was the Lloyds Fraud Team changed everything - she moved thousands of pounds to a safe account that proved to be nothing of the sort. We also meet Jo whose business page on Facebook was cloned by a cunning hacker. They used the cloned page to convince Jo’s contacts to send them their bank details as part of a fake competition, and now Jo is worried it could happen again. The ethical hackers delve into both cases and come up with some significant revelations that will help keep Erin and Jo secure in the future. Plus the case of Reverend Steve, whose parish narrowly avoid a scam thanks to Miss Marple-like detective work from one of his congregation.