Dirty Rotten Scammers

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Friday, August 19 03:15 ‚Äß 45m

Working mum Paula was getting ready for a night out with her husband when scammers called and advised her to move her money to a safe account. A few days later, she realised it was anything but safe. Also in the show, churchgoer Mia was asked by email to purchase some vouchers. It wasn't until she had bought six for more than £1,000 that she realised something was wrong and faced a fight to get her money back. A team of ethical hackers investigate where Paula and Mia may have slipped up online and given out information about themselves that could have made them a target for scammers. Elsewhere, Michelle and Mavis are on the case, meeting Dr Roberta Babb to find out about the psychology behind scams. Forensic financial investigator Richard Emery shows them the steps banks are taking to shut these frauds down, and they learn important password hints and tips from a cybersecurity firm.