Dirty Rotten Scammers

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Wednesday, August 24 03:35 ‧ 45m

While renovating a house, Nathan had a handful of bills to pay to contractors and looked at his emails to check the invoices prior to payment. But little did he know a hacker had accessed his email account, tweaked the invoices and convinced Nathan to send the money straight into their account. Now Nathan wants the ethical hackers to find out where else he could be exposed online, and they uncover passwords that mean Nathan may not have been keeping himself as safe as he’d like. Also in the episode, Clare lost tens of thousands of pounds to a heartless scammer, but by joining forces with forensic financial investigator Richard Emery, Clare took on the banks and changed the way scams are treated by big financial institutions. And we hear the story of Laura. She thought she was getting a new driving licence, but when it didn’t turn up, she started to worry that she had been conned and had left a lot of her details exposed to potential scammers.