Hey Duggee: Roly's First Day

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Saturday, May 27 07:35 ‧ 10m

As Roly makes his usual noise in the Clubhouse, Duggee and the Squirrels reminisce about how completely different Roly was when he first arrived. Hiding behind his dad, Roly wasn't loud at all but impossibly quiet! As Duggee shows Roly around the Clubhouse, he squeals, hides and hangs off his dad, and just seems altogether too shy to fit in. Duggee has a great idea to introduce Roly to Norrie, thinking a friend will help him to settle in. But Roly is still too shy, so Duggee and Norrie start doing things with him, knowing this will help him to embrace the fun of the Clubhouse. While painting, playing with balloons and yelling, Roly begins to truly find his voice and be himself! Soon, Roly hardly noticed if his dad was around at all.